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“Southern California, where the American Dream came too true.” – Lawrence Ferlinghetti



As a member of the Bruery Reserve Society, I was fortunate enough to get invited to their annual beer festival. With their anniversary beer being called Sucre, it was aptly named “Sucreversary”.

Here are some of the event specifics:

  • Venue: The Phoenix Club in Anaheim, CA
  • Invitees: All Reserve Society and Hoarder’s Society Members plus their guests
  • Breweries: The Bruery plus 26 Guest Breweries (Check out the list here along with what was poured)
  • Food: Provided by Beachwood BBQ and Chunk N Chip Truck
  • Perks: Glassware and unlimited 1 oz tastings
  • Cost: $60/person

So at $60 a person, this is not a cheap event. Going into this beerfest, I had high expectations. Fortunately, the Sucreversary did not disappoint. Continue reading

Wondercon Anaheim – Warner Brothers Panel

Bill Paxton at Wondercon

It’s that time of year and Wondercon came by the Anaheim Convention Center with two big studios having panels in the main Arena on Saturday 4/19/2014.

WB kicked things off with Doug Liman’s Edge of Tomorrow. Bill Paxton took the stage and charmed the audience with entertaining behind the scenes stories and a fair amount of crowd pandering recalling some of his most loved roles from past movies. Between the ‘Game over man!’ and ‘Hail Hydra!’ throwouts, Paxton graciously thanked the audience for their support both for Edge of Tomorrow and throughout his career. An extended trailer showed off a little more of the story, and hinted at more of the overarching story in this Groundhog Day meets Independence Day/Saving Private Ryan Normandy Invasion. On the anniversary of D-Day we will have the option of watching humanity fight for survival against a horde of mimic aliens who have invaded Europe.

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How to ruin Pliny the Younger – RESPECT YOUR BEER!


Pliny the Younger. Some call it the best beer they have ever had. Some call it “liquid gold”. I’ve even heard it called “The Nectar of the Gods”. To me, it’s a very well-made beer that’s been hyped up so much that people treat it like it’s a fresh pair of Js on a Saturday morning (Hi, my name is Andrew and I’m a hypocrite). I won’t deny that it is markedly better than Pliny the Elder, but it is not wake-up-at-4AM-in-the-morning better. But let’s make it clear, it’s a damn good beer.

I’m not here to review Pliny the Younger. Go read Jason’s write-up for that here. I’m here to tell you about how one bar nearly ruined a Pliny the Younger tasting. As in, it made it taste bad. How? By not treating it with the respect it deserved (because good beer deserves your respect, and that’s the way it is).

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