CAPSULE: Colossal

ColossalTitle: Colossal | Rated: R | Runtime: 110 min | Theaters limited (expanding)

At first, Nacho Vigalondo’s Colossal comes across as a quirky kaiju comedy, but it holds plenty of surprises that cause it to transcend that initial impression. We may judge Gloria (Anne Hathaway) for her alcoholism and inability to be responsible for her actions, but the film – utilizing Hathaway’s committed earnestness – keep her a character deserving of our empathy. Thus it becomes clear that the kaiju is a manifestation of her alcoholism, and her realization of that plays a significant role in her development into someone whom we cheer on. Coupled with this feminist narrative are the wonderfully executed deconstruction and subversion of the Nice Guy archetype, which Jason Sudeikis takes advantage of to deliver an incredibly layered performance. Admittedly, the film does drag in certain scenes that distract it from its true purpose, but for the most part, it stays on track to become a compelling character study.

Colossal Rating: 4.0/5.0

CAPSULE: 5 Films about Technology

TechAttached to Colossal is Daniel Huang’s satirical short film 5 Films About Technology, comprised of five brief vignettes about how smartphones can compromise us. Some of the situations that the characters find themselves in may hit close to home, but regardless of whether or not they do, Huang’s intent clearly comes across. Since the segments are quite short, the characters aren’t exactly memorable, but there’s an everyday, ordinary nature to each of them that we can recognize and identify with. This is a fairly funny short that makes efficient use of its runtime.

5 Films About Technology Rating: 4.0/5.0

* Photos courtesy of Neon