Big Hero 6 TeamLadies and gentleman, it is time for another fast-paced e-mail exchange from MediaBrewPub! Today, we are pairing the refined, theatrical tastes of Jun with the back alley, indiscriminate, gratuitous tastes of Andrew. Subject matter: Disney’s latest animated release, Big Hero 6. WARNING: nonsense (and spoilers) may occur. With that in mind, let’s kick this bad boy off…

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REVIEW: Foxcatcher

DealWhere there is comparison, there is competition. Where there is competition, therein lies a mentality of winning versus losing. Look no further than sports, where we see it front and center, as fist pumps and victorious chants are always juxtaposed with hung heads and tears. Imagine the amount of effort and time that these professional athletes invest in themselves leading up to that key moment. What does winning and losing mean to them? This mentality is subtly and tremendously personified in Foxcatcher, an engrossing and sad picture that stands as one of the year’s best films.

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A Taste of Bourbon: Chestnut Farms

IMAG0489In addition to beer, I am a lover of all things bourbon. Periodically I’ll be sharing some reviews on various bourbons I’ve had the opportunity to try. I will be basing my reviews not just on flavor but also the value of the bourbon based off of price and availability. For example, if I paid $100 for a rare bottle of Pappy Van Winkle (I wish!) and it ends up tasting no better than a bottle of Jim Beam, the Jim Beam would be rated higher because, hey, at least it’s cheap.

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REVIEW: Interstellar

Black HoleOn a surface level, Interstellar arrives at a right time. It’s not just a time when moviegoers cry out for something truly grand and original amidst all the adaptations; it’s also a time when we need an extra push to explore beyond the skies above, a dream for many that is undercut by increasing cuts to NASA or recent incidents like the Antares rocket or the Virgin Galactic rocket plane. It’s a time when we need to see inspiration and vision more than ever.

Now, put Christopher Nolan’s name into this equation, and what’s promised is a mouthwatering potential, a marriage between exhilarating blockbuster and intellectual stimulant. Cinema at its best, challenging and moving us! But alas, as previously mentioned, this is just at surface level. Probe deeper, and the reality is a visually stunning yet frustrating picture, one that never bores yet fails to find its place amongst the stars.

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REVIEW: Whiplash

DrumsMusic is universally enjoyed, regardless of location, culture, religion, or race. That’s not to say that each genre and style is everyone’s cup of tea, but anyone typically has an affection for particular beats and tunes. For those who make music their living, the theory is that they too should enjoy it. But what happens when enjoyment takes a backseat to something that’s not? Last year’s Inside Llewyn Davis presented a somber portrayal of a musician who’s more concerned with surviving than enjoying his craft, and this year’s Whiplash does something similar, except perfection and the desire to be one of the greatest takes precedence over enjoyment.

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Arrow: A Breakdown of Who(could have)dunnit

Arrow Logo The CW’s superhero drama, Arrow, starring Stephen Amell as the titular character, has an ever expanding universe of characters. The creators and writers are very adept at introducing and developing adapted characters from the comics in a very unique and well paced manner. Since season 1, we have seen Team Arrow grow from Ollie/The Arrow working by himself to half a dozen characters/heroes that help him in his quest either by his side or working from his lair. Throughout the course of 2 seasons, it’s been surprising how quickly they develop characters and ultimately, how many characters have learned Olliver Queen’s secret identity. With so many new characters constantly being introduced, other characters have to take a back seat sometimes, and with many knowing his identity, it only makes sense that a couple of them either die or be killed off at some point or another, as happened with a member of team Arrow in the Season 3 premiere. At the end of the episode, a fan favorite character was shot with 3 arrows on a rooftop by a mysterious archer and fell to their death. I’m sure it will take quite a while to reveal the identity of this assassin, but it’s always fun to speculate. Below, I’ll run through each possible character and why I believe they could have or could not have done the deed and why it does or doesn’t make sense, as well as a couple of more out there theories that I’m actually hope end up being true. SPOILERS AHEAD (FOR THE FIRST 3 EPISODES OF ARROW) Continue reading

Ghostbusters Reboot: A Mixed Reaction

Ghostbusters Logo


When Ghostbusters opened in 1984, it was an instant success. Not only did it hit comedy gold, but it cemented itself as a box office success and broke all kinds of records at the time, in fact it still sits at #91 on the top 100 Domestic Box Office Gross list (Box Office Mojo). It was obviously successful enough to garner a sequel which ultimately wasn’t quite as good, or successful, but still a box office hit. Since then, Sony has been trying to make a sequel with several start ups that never came to fruition lead by Dean Aykroyd. A large part of it possibly had to do with the fallout between Bill Murray and Harold Ramis, but regardless, nothing has gotten off the ground until now.

Back in January, Variety reported that Paul Feig (Bridesmaids, The Heat) was being courted for the Ghostbusters 3 directing and producing gig after Ivan Reitman dropped out shortly after Harold Ramis’s passing. And more recently it was reported that Feig was re-teaming with “The Heat” writer Katie Dippold for an all female cast reboot of Ghostbusters. Upon hearing this news, it’s tough to describe my feelings as I’m overwhelmed with intrigue, excitement, disappointment, and overall confusion.

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