REVIEW: Exodus: Gods and Kings

Exodus FamilyRidley Scott has the most inconsistent career out of all the directors working today. I know that may come across as a hyperbolic statement, and although I’ve defended him for years when some have described him as being past it, his latest effort, Exodus: Gods and Kings is making me reassess his works from recent years. For a man revered for Alien and Blade Runner, and capable of directing entertaining flicks like Gladiator and Black Hawk Down, it’s understandable that he may have some clunkers here and there, but it’s quite alarming when they account for four of his last five outings, all within the past six years. What compounds this even further is that this film is arguably his worst. Ever.

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A Taste of Bourbon: Booker’s

2014-11-27 09.44.15Every Thanksgiving I try to crack open a new bottle of bourbon. I open it when I start cooking and don’t stop until either the bottle is empty or the day is over. Considering I start cooking at about 9AM, it often ends up being a long day of drinking.

This year’s bourbon I’ve been anticipating for quite some time. I see it at whiskey bars and liquor stores but have not had the opportunity to take it for a spin. After so much delay, I was eager to pop the top on this bad boy and do some serious drinking. Without further ado, let’s chat Booker’s Bourbon (130.8 Proof)…

As with my previous review, I will provide my notes drinking the bourbon neat and on the rocks. You can find a bottle of this at Total Wine for about $60. Continue reading

Keen Reading: The Goldfinch

d3fecec5a9335b0e510f6a7067001571_r620x349The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt can be summed up very simply. It is a retrospective narrative of one Theodore “Theo” Decker, who by unfortunate happenstance, is violently removed from a familiar life with his mother, orphaned, and given possession of a priceless painting (the title’s inspiration piece, The Goldfinch). Everything about this story is a response to that event and as his tale unfolds, you can see the moment woven into the fabric of Theo’s life. Continue reading


Big Hero 6 TeamLadies and gentleman, it is time for another fast-paced e-mail exchange from MediaBrewPub! Today, we are pairing the refined, theatrical tastes of Jun with the back-alley, indiscriminate, gratuitous tastes of Andrew. Subject matter: Disney’s latest animated release, Big Hero 6. WARNING: nonsense (and spoilers) may occur. With that in mind, let’s kick this bad boy off…

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REVIEW: Foxcatcher

DealWhere there is comparison, there is competition. Where there is competition, therein lies a mentality of winning versus losing. Look no further than sports, where we see it front and center, as fist pumps and victorious chants are always juxtaposed with hung heads and tears. Imagine the amount of effort and time that these professional athletes invest in themselves leading up to that key moment. What does winning and losing mean to them? This mentality is subtly and tremendously personified in Foxcatcher, an engrossing and sad picture that stands as one of the year’s best films.

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A Taste of Bourbon: Chestnut Farms

IMAG0489In addition to beer, I am a lover of all things bourbon. Periodically I’ll be sharing some reviews on various bourbons I’ve had the opportunity to try. I will be basing my reviews not just on flavor but also the value of the bourbon based off of price and availability. For example, if I paid $100 for a rare bottle of Pappy Van Winkle (I wish!) and it ends up tasting no better than a bottle of Jim Beam, the Jim Beam would be rated higher because, hey, at least it’s cheap.

So let’s get started with our first bottle of bourbon: Chestnut Farms (90 Proof). Continue reading

REVIEW: Interstellar

Black HoleOn a surface level, Interstellar arrives at a right time. It’s not just a time when moviegoers cry out for something truly grand and original amidst all the adaptations; it’s also a time when we need an extra push to explore beyond the skies above, a dream for many that is undercut by increasing cuts to NASA or recent incidents like the Antares rocket or the Virgin Galactic rocket plane. It’s a time when we need to see inspiration and vision more than ever.

Now, put Christopher Nolan’s name into this equation, and what’s promised is a mouthwatering potential, a marriage between exhilarating blockbuster and intellectual stimulant. Cinema at its best, challenging and moving us! But alas, as previously mentioned, this is just at surface level. Probe deeper, and the reality is a visually stunning yet frustrating picture, one that never bores yet fails to find its place amongst the stars.

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