Top Five: A perfect precursor to Straight Outta Compton

TopFiveBanner2-754x400Top Five was released last year but I have only just had the opportunity to watch it. For those who don’t remember or have not heard of the film, it is a Chris Rock movie about a comedian (Andre Allen) who has battled alcoholism, critical backlash to his move away from comedies and into more serious films, and a fiancee with her own reality show. We follow him as he spends a day with a reporter who really just wants to know, “Why did [he] quit doing stand-up and comedy?” For fans of Rock and his predecessor Eddie Murphy, you can see parallels of between the character’s life and those of real-life comedians (in particular Murphy). Continue reading

QUICK TAKE: Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation

Army of Two

It’s incredible how far the Mission: Impossible film franchise has come along. From bursting into Hollywood in 1996 to being brought to its knees in 2000 with an underwhelming sequel, to finding some hope in a third film in 2006 before coming back strong in 2011 with Ghost Protocol, the series has been through both the best of times and the worst of times. What a life it has had, especially with the one who has been with it through thick and thin: Tom Cruise himself, whose passion for the franchise never died out. This sounds like either a marriage or an inspirational sports tale, doesn’t it? Whatever it may be, it’s clear that the series continues to stride forward with its latest entry, Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation.

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Forgettable Four: What could it have been?

2015.08.09 Fantastic FourI knew there was trouble when the opening line was, “… like my personal hero, Eli Manning…”

With all due respect to the two-time Superbowl Champion, this is something one should never hear.

I had seen the signs. I had heard the rumblings. I had taken to Twitter briefly to see the director bashing his own film. But I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I’m just looking to be entertained. Plus as the only member of Media Brew Pub who can go watch a film in the theaters for less than $10, I felt it was my duty to save the rest of my crew from suffering through what has been, thus far, a universally panned movie. And this time, Jessica Alba was not there to save me (although Kate Mara ain’t half bad). Continue reading



Ant-Man may just be the most interesting film that Marvel Studios greenlit. Gone are the destruction, the scale, the clash of gods and titans, and taking their place is an ordinary bloke in a extraordinary suit doing his thing across a number of rooms. Talk about unusual, right? Throw in the film’s long and tumultuous production, and it becomes the one film set in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) that moviegoers aren’t completely sold by and keep a wary eye on. Now that it has arrived, how does it stand? Well, it turns out to be a safe and serviceable flick – nothing more, perhaps something less depending on who you are.

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QUICK TAKE: Me and Earl and the Dying Girl


If you were to judge Me and Earl and the Dying Girl – one of the favorites from this year’s Sundance Film Festival – based on first glance, you’d be forgiven for thinking that it would be either a “girl with cancer” movie á la The Fault in Our Stars or a quirky, wannabe Wes Anderson flick, or perhaps a combination of the two. What you may not expect is a creative, idiosyncratic film that balances laughs and heartfelt emotion – and that’s exactly what this film is.

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Keen Reading: Adding to the Bucket List

dark-tower-coversMy favorite author is Stephen King. In a world where I was insane, I would say that I would try to read every book he’s ever written (maybe I will, but that’s a discussion for another day). What I will do, is read anything and everything related to his epic book series, The Dark Tower. I’ve read it before and the way many people feel about The Lord of the Rings, I feel about The Dark Tower. It’s a seven-book long story about Roland of Gilead, a Gunslinger which doubles as both a knight and a quick-draw gunfighter. He travels between universes following along his path to either save or destroy the world and find the Dark Tower. Continue reading

A Taste of Bourbon: NBA Championship Edition

Golden-font-b-State-b-font-font-b-Warriors-b-font-National-Basketball-Associatio-Champions-FlagI don’t get to write about sports on this blog. Correction, I don’t get to write posts solely about sports on this blog. So when amazing things happen to my favorite sports franchise, the Golden State Warriors, I am encouraged to find a way to connect drinking or movies or TV to sports. If I were smarter or worked harder at this, I’d probably find creative solutions to the fact that I’m hamstrung to discuss the thing that I might love most in this world: basketball (Apologies to my dog and even more to my wife). Continue reading