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Coffee Milk Stout by Stone Brewing

Stone Coffee Milk Stout


Name: Coffee Milk Stout
Type: Milk Stout
Brewery: Stone (Escondido, CA)
Year: 2014
ABV and/or IBU: 4.20

It’s weird to think of stone for a light beer, much less a stout. While there is GoToIPA, I know them better for their heavy and stronger beers. The Milk Stout has the appearance of something stronger but has a sweet taste and has a light mouth feel. I wish the coffee was more prominent in the smell and taste, but it’s enjoyable as is.


For What Ales Ya 2014

10151819_10203191742987709_291503470294888604_nFor What Ales Ya is a yearly event that occurs in the Inland Empire. It is a beer festival/bottle share that brings together local beer enthusiasts to sample some of each other’s and local breweries’ favorite beers. It’s very much a grassroots effort. MBP attended this year’s event and I wanted to share some thoughts and highlights about the experience. Continue reading

Email Throwdown: Ranking TMNT (Part 4)

tmntWe’ve had a bit of a break but we’re back! Today we’re going to learn which movie is the runner-up for Andrew and Jason. If you’ve been with us for all the installments I guarantee, you’re more excited than you should be! If you have yet to read the previous rankings, you can find them here: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Now let’s pass it to Andrew to kick off the battle for number two! Continue reading

Netflix Nugget: Want some grilled cheese ese?

key_art_american_meI have mixed feelings about bringing you my next recommendation through “Netflix Nugget”. Whereas the last movie I shared was a very fun trip down memory lane to visit the land of Calvin and Hobbes, I’m going to be cruising down another road of nostalgia to a different part of my past for this one. Growing up in Fresno, I had a lot of Mexican friends; one movie that we watched frequently was American Me. To this day I can’t have a conversation about it without transitioning into an East L.A. accent or depression. However, what are movies if not an artist’s attempt to stir within you some emotion?

*Note* Minimal spoilers ahead.

Continue reading