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I Love “Hudson Hawk” and other terrible movies. And that’s awesome.

Keep in mind that I’m the same person that wrote a whole post on “respecting your beer” so this may come off as a tad hypocritical. But it’s my post, so deal.

One of my favorite movies of all time is Hudson Hawk. No, seriously. The 1991 Razzie Worst Film of the Year (Check out more accolades here), I can’t get enough of it. For me, it’s an entertainment treasure trove. I mean, look at these little nuggets of comedy it gives you:

* Bruce Willis and Danny Aiello as cat burglars, that sing!
* CIA Agents with candy bar codenames.
* The truth behind Mona Lisa’s smile.
* This line (and subsequent nonsense [NSFW – language, violence]).
* A surprisingly solid cast: Willis, Aiello, Caruso, McDowell, Coburn. 90s baby!

But apparently it’s a terrible movie. Actually, apparently is incorrect. It’s a terrible movie. But holy hell, do I find it entertaining. Continue reading

MediaBrewPub Watches Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Captain America: The Winter Soldier promotional poster from SDCC 2013.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier promotional poster from SDCC 2013.

We can’t stop talking about the new Captain America: The Winter Soldier and we’ve had universal praise for the new movie.

Jun our resident movie expert opens up the discussion giving some very high praise:
Exhilarating. Mature. Morally complex. Captain America: The Winter Soldier is, hands down, the best entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe yet. Combining bone-crunching action with astute (and relevant to boot) political thrill, the film establishes its titular superhero as the most sympathetic character in its universe thus far, while also making its heroes incredibly vulnerable to defeat and failure. It hardly takes a wrong step, too; the humor is spot-on and never excessive, the cast is terrific all around, and the way it builds its world is first-rate. The effects of its story alter the MCU’s very landscape, from the films – past, present, and future – to the ongoing television series, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Did you hear that, DC? That was the sound of Marvel throwing down the gauntlet.
Rating: 4.5/5.0

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Go To IPA, Intrigued?

Stone Brewery, 
Style: Session IPA
IBU: 65ABV: 4.5%

Stone Brewing Company, a brewery that has a lust for hops and hoppy beers released Go To IPA.  Stone has crafted an IPA for an everyday experience instead of their heavier Arrogant Bastard, Stone IPA and their Stouts. Go To IPA is Stone’s answer for a daily beer that won’t leave you inebriated when you go back to work. Continue reading

How I Met Your Mother Finale: Love, Happiness and Moving On

When How I Met Your Mother debuted back in the fall of 2005 it stood out for a few reasons. One of the major distinctions of the show was it’s most unique and utilized tool, the flashback and flash forward. It wasn’t a revolutionary idea by any means, but when you pair that with the fact that HIMYM was a multi-cam show that did not shoot in front of a live audience, it made the show a bit more unique. On the surface, that was the most distinct feature of the show, but not the most important. From the beginning, creators Craig Thomas and Carter Bays have written a show that, as silly and off the wall as it got at points, was always grounded in real ideas and life lessons. Of course there were over the top moments and relationships and ideals that were completely romanticized such as Ted’s grand romantic gestures in any of his relationships, or Robin’s Canadian back story or any of Barney’s tall tales, but as an audience member we’re willing to go along with all of it because the story is being narrated from the future and the assumption is, over time stories are embellished. Each story though, had a sense of realism and emotion to it behind all the gags, flashbacks and ridiculously funny antics.  Some stories within HIMYM did it better than others, but most episodes or story arcs or seasons were able to bring their antics back down to earth and remind people that, at the heart of the story were people with real emotions who were just trying to navigate their way through life and find happiness and love. Though the finale had a lot of twists and turns and changed the character paths of growth and development for a few characters, (ultimately resulting in alienating a lot of fans and receiving a lot of backlash), it stayed true to it’s core by depicting real people with real life problems still navigating their way through life, trying to find love and let go of the past.


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How to ruin Pliny the Younger – RESPECT YOUR BEER!


Pliny the Younger. Some call it the best beer they have ever had. Some call it “liquid gold”. I’ve even heard it called “The Nectar of the Gods”. To me, it’s a very well-made beer that’s been hyped up so much that people treat it like it’s a fresh pair of Js on a Saturday morning (Hi, my name is Andrew and I’m a hypocrite). I won’t deny that it is markedly better than Pliny the Elder, but it is not wake-up-at-4AM-in-the-morning better. But let’s make it clear, it’s a damn good beer.

I’m not here to review Pliny the Younger. Go read Jason’s write-up for that here. I’m here to tell you about how one bar nearly ruined a Pliny the Younger tasting. As in, it made it taste bad. How? By not treating it with the respect it deserved (because good beer deserves your respect, and that’s the way it is).

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