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Netflix Nugget: Daredevil Season Two

DDBanner“What about what I believe, Stick? What about what I’m going to do about it?” – Matthew Murdock

I just wrapped up Season Two of Daredevil and this quote, taken in one of the last few episodes of the season, really sums up my feelings for this season. We pick up after Wilson Fisk (Kingpin) has been thrown in jail and Daredevil is continuing his lawyer-by-day/vigilante-by-night lifestyle. Continue reading

A Taste of Bourbon: William Wolf Whiskey

2016-01-13 19.00.05I’m not a big fan of flavored liquors. But every once in a while something comes along that catches my eye. I follow some drinkers on Instagram and one day one of the accounts posted a glass of William Wolf with orange juice and shared some rave reviews of its quality. I find the concept of pecan and bourbon to be very intriguing (and other natural flavors) and made it a goal to find a bottle. Since then I’ve been hunting stalking liquor stores (like… a wolf?) in search of a bottle. It’s not particularly expensive – it’s just hard to find. But I kept searching for the elusive, pecan-infused booze.

Fast forward to today and I’m living in New York. I CAN SHIP MYSELF LIQUOR! So I looked online and found a distributor that sells William Wolf Whiskey. It did not take me long and a few days later, I had two bottles on my front door. A bottle will run you about $40 shipped (~$20-$23 in store – shipping is a bitch which is why I bought two). It comes in at 60 proof which is not a particularly strong drink. Now I had just come from the gym but couldn’t wait – I opened a bottle and served it up in my three standard forms: neat, rocks, and with a splash of water. Here are my thoughts on each: Continue reading