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Guardians of the Galaxy Revisited

Guardians of the Galaxy

The Blu Ray for Guardians of the Galaxy was released 12/9/2014. I bought and it went home and watched it. And I watched it again after that. I’m reminded why this was my favorite movie this year. Jun described in his review (read it here) that this movie is just fun and I whole heartedly agree. I’m going to liken it to Chocolate Rain by The Bruery, one of my favourite beers. I love Chocolate Rain for it’s strong and pleasant flavor, rich delicious texture, and for having enough depth to be interesting while drinking it. It has all this going on for it, but it doesn’t become a confused mess like many beers that try the same. Likewise, Guardians of the Galaxy is wonderfully balanced. Continue reading

Coffee Milk Stout by Stone Brewing

Stone Coffee Milk Stout


Name: Coffee Milk Stout
Type: Milk Stout
Brewery: Stone (Escondido, CA)
Year: 2014
ABV and/or IBU: 4.20

It’s weird to think of stone for a light beer, much less a stout. While there is GoToIPA, I know them better for their heavy and stronger beers. The Milk Stout has the appearance of something stronger but has a sweet taste and has a light mouth feel. I wish the coffee was more prominent in the smell and taste, but it’s enjoyable as is.


San Diego Comic Con – One Week Later

For a week in July, San Diego’s Gaslamp district and Convention Center are changed into a surreal place. Seeing people dressed up as pop culture figures is normal and seeing people dressed for work is a confusing sight. From Wednesday through Sunday evening the town is overrun by, well nerds. And it’s glorious, but alas at the end of a Sunday night that all comes to an end. After a week of being back in the normal world I’ve decided these were the highlights of my week:

Marvel’s Panel on Saturday 

If you haven’t seen the phase 1 and phase 2 recap Marvel posted, do yourself a favor and watch it right now!

Marvel comes out like rock stars and they put on a show. It’s lively, it’s fun, and they know how to pander to their audience. They give tidbits of information in just the right way, bring out the right people to say the right things, and they make sure everyone (panelist and audience) has a good time. Marvel has the capacity to get people on their feet cheering like lunatics moreso than any other panel, and it’s quite an experience.

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MediaBrewPub Watches Godzilla (2014)

Godzilla (2014) IMAX Poster

Godzilla (2014) IMAX Poster

All of us were looking forward to this movie, and opinions were all over the place for this film. We can’t seem to agree if it was good, average, or terrible. Surprisingly Jun (our more ‘Film’ minded viewer) and Andrew (our entertainment value minded viewer) both agreed in their take on the film. A weird world we live in indeed.

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