WTF were they thinking!?!?

2015-03-09 21.33.10
I was walking through Walgreen’s the other day and saw this little gem of a deal. I had to share with the rest of the MBP guys because… well… seriously? Here are some of the more creative responses:

“I see Fox is trying to kill four birds with one stone. Too bad their attempt is about as good as these movies are”.

“You’re going to have a good weekend, so long as there’s alcohol…”

“‘Favorites’? I guess people who do political ads are making DVD covers now”.

“I’m still waiting to see the favorites”.

“Purchase of this product may cause bleeding of eyes, ears, nose, and anus. Please consult psychological professionals prior to purchase”.

“DISCLAIMER: We accept no responsibility for loss of time, sanity, money, or the taking of one’s life that may result when purchasing this DVD”.

“Purchase of this DVD has shown to have a direct affect on call volume at your local suicide hotline”.

Honestly though, you’d be better sticking a couple forks in your eye than you would watching these movies. I can’t even come up with the proper “I Need a Beer” option for this steaming pile of crap. Wait, wait… Sink the Bismarck! Because you need a 41% ABV beer to endure and recover from the experience.

The things Fox does for money…

Cue The Simpsons theme in 3… 2… 1…