Alpha Overdrive: The Quad

Alpha Overdrive

Brewery: Valiant
IBU: 220
ABV: 14.3%

Valiant’s Alpha Overdrive is I think I would say Alpha Drive’s bigger, stockier, younger brother. Don’t let this description fool you this boy can handle himself, and when his big brother starts fights little brother will finish them.

This dark beer almost brown with hints of amber. The smell is heavy pine, citrus and you will get a bit of ethanol burn if you take a deep breath. Valiant doubled the amount of hops in this brew to make it a stronger more robust flavor with the sweetness of caramel and hints of what I thought was a little smoke.  The flavor also carried a bit of astringent, but not unexpected considering the alcohol content.

Overall, Alpha Overdrive is a solid quad, maybe one of the best brewed in SoCal. Rich flavors, and very smooth feel. Yet, probably the best part of Alpha Overdrive is that Valiant will be distributing it to local bars, pubs, taverns, watering holes, etc.

Rating 4.0/5.0