Guardians of the Galaxy Revisited

Guardians of the Galaxy

The Blu Ray for Guardians of the Galaxy was released 12/9/2014. I bought and it went home and watched it. And I watched it again after that. I’m reminded why this was my favorite movie this year. Jun described in his review (read it here) that this movie is just fun and I whole heartedly agree. I’m going to liken it to Chocolate Rain by The Bruery, one of my favourite beers. I love Chocolate Rain for it’s strong and pleasant flavor, rich delicious texture, and for having enough depth to be interesting while drinking it. It has all this going on for it, but it doesn’t become a confused mess like many beers that try the same. Likewise, Guardians of the Galaxy is wonderfully balanced.

There’s action, there’s excitement, an amazing soundtrack, and there’s a ton of comedy. This was Marvel’s most ambitious movie, completely ungrounded on earth and without contemporary references. Yet thanks to great writing and directing they kept the audience firmly grounded. It felt very real even though it’s a movie that outside the first few minutes doesn’t even take place on this planet.

I love the music, any time things were going to get really weird, the music kicks in and really makes it feel familiar. Then you add a driving orchestral score in the right moments and emotions are properly manipulated. The story does move quickly but each character is developed along the way, at least as much as I think can be reasonable expected for an ensemble group in one movie. We get a good feel for the characters (sometimes in painfully forced ways – looking at you Nebula and Drunk Rocket Raccoon) and their motivations, and they feel real which is strange considering only one is human (and he’s not even fully human!)

The one liners in this movie are so well delivered at just the right moment. What could come off as cheesy groan worthy lines or bad scifi, instead are great additions and both make the audience laugh and reveal things about the characters.

It’s a strangely quotable movie considering the characters and story. Dave Bautista is hilarious as Drax. You’d think “there’s a guy case just because he’s huge” but instead you find his hilarious and frightening. “NOTHING goes over my head!… My reflexes are too fast, I would catch it”. My favorite line might be “I may be an a-hole, but I’m not 100% a dick”.

Even Honest Trailers acknowledges like our resident movie expert Jun: this movie is just fun.

This movie even managed to have an emotional moment without going too overboard. Rocket pleading with Groot and saying he will die, and Groot saying “We Are Groot” was incredible and tear jerking. Then in the sadness of the crash and watching Ronin about to win – we get the well timed dance off. It feels fitting that the movie ends on a fun play of the classic final showdown.